Dual Track Weighbridge – Truly Portable Solutions

Is your weighbridge portable?

Well we can now say yes it truly portable. It needs no special fixing down. It sits on any flat surface. It comes already verified for Trade Use. It can be up and running in a few hours with no need for craneage or the weighbridge test unit.


For some premises space is at a premium and the weighbridge may only be be getting used at certain times of the year. With the portability of the units the weighbridge can be put into a small storage area when not in use. For example after harvest time on a farm.  With there being no fixings the yard returns to normal when the weighbridge is removed.

For construction projects the weighbridge is the ideal solution and when tied in with either the 3590 series or software package total control over material and stock movements is possible.

Any of our range of instrumentation can be used for ease of operation,


External 100mm digit External Display.


3590 Self Box with Card Reader


The fully approved Weightruck Software

Scale App

With the new Dini Scale App the driver can operate the scale from inside the cab via a mobile phone.